Bykski has unveiled two new real-time temperature sensor monitors, both featuring LCD displays capable of displaying real-time temperature information on its screen to the users. The Bykski B-TME-SE-AL and B-VGA-SC-AL both are added inline to your water cooling loop to allow for instant monitoring of the water loop fluid temperature right from its screen. Aside from temperature monitoring, it can add a unique touch to a user's loop. Typically temperature readings are handled by software or much larger devices that fit in the 5 1/4" bays. 


The B-TME-SE-AL is an inline device designed for use on the main loop tubing and features an OLED display showing real-time temperature information. It is able to get this information through a thermistor in the inlet screw which reads the liquids current temperature when passing through the device. Users are able to present the information in a curve display or progress bar on the screen. The TME is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and is available in black and grey colors with a smooth finish. 

The B-VGA-SC-AL, on the other hand, is intended for use with VGA blocks and mounts to the VGA block itself. Like the TME, the VGA version works the same way with an integrated thermistor in the inlet screw reading temperatures. Like the TME, a curve display or progress bar are also options on its OLED screen. The VGA is made out of aluminum + acrylic and comes in two colors, black and grey, which should blend in with many VGA blocks on the market.

Both devices use a standard G ¼” threads so users are able to connect their own fittings and integrate the temperature monitors in the loop. These are made out of aluminum and we are unsure if there is a nickel coating. Be aware of potentially mixing metals inside your loop. Bykski stands by these two products with 3-year warranty. 

Bykski B-TME-SE-AL and B-VGA-SC-AL
Color Black / Grey
Material Aluminum Aluminum + Acrylic
Process Anodized
Pattern Smooth
Thread Size G 1/4"
Annex No
Warranty 3 Years

Both are available now with the B-VGA-SC-AL block found at for $35.95 and the B-TME-SE-AL found at for $47.27. I have to admit I would have expected these to cost more, regardless if they are a bit limited in functionality (temps only). Availability of the devices appear limited to the above sites overseas as a cursory search to find these anywhere local for the US/EU contingent turned up without results. That said, both websites above do ship internationally. 

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Source: Bykski

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  • Hxx - Sunday, April 29, 2018 - link

    Yeah same here. I got a barrow probe g 1.4 plug from amazon for like 8 bux. But I get it if you want the LCD display although Thermaltake already makes one and imo looks nicer but its also like 40 bux.
  • Drkrieger01 - Friday, April 27, 2018 - link

    I'm kind of curious to know how these are powered. They look great without a power cable, but if I have to run a molex it's going to look less sexy.
  • oRAirwolf - Saturday, April 28, 2018 - link

    I would be willing to bet money that use a fan header.
  • FullmetalTitan - Friday, April 27, 2018 - link

    While I think this is an interesting, if unnecessary, product for most consumers with basic cooling loops, I can see some great applications.

    For extreme builders this adds more to the wealth of information available to tweak a custom setup. For testers and reviewers it can help provide better insights into component performance and efficiency.
  • Tpoking - Saturday, April 28, 2018 - link

    Three issues with this product here in 2018
    #1 its not RGB, and there is no pinstriping on it.
    #2 it can't post my temps to niche forums and social media sites about my e-peen.
    #3 Yeah a copper variant....
  • willis936 - Saturday, April 28, 2018 - link

    Is it just a display or is there some way to get this data pumped into an OS?

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