12:36AM EST - And we're done here, more later

12:36AM EST - Wrap-up summary: Tegra X1, Drive CX, Drive PX

12:35AM EST - Tegra X1 for graphics for cars, Tegra X1 for compute for cars

12:34AM EST - This Tegra PX unit has never been trained against the NV parking garage. It did all of this on the first shot

12:33AM EST - Now parking

12:33AM EST - Auto valet finally found a spot

12:30AM EST - Using the camera data to model the environment and then do path finding in it

12:28AM EST - Running Drive PX against the simulation

12:25AM EST - Using sim to show how Drive PX auto-valet works

12:24AM EST - NVIDIA created a simulation of their parking garage

12:22AM EST - More on Drive PX: Surround Vision

12:22AM EST - And NVIDIA wants to supply the hardware and parts of the osftware

12:21AM EST - Audi bullish on self-driving cars

12:19AM EST - Audi now going on a multi-state tour with their self-driving car

12:18AM EST - Now discussing Audi's self-driving concept car

12:16AM EST - Audi Prologue: Audi wants to go all digital in the cockpit

12:13AM EST - Discussing Audi's pioneering use of Tegra in their cars

12:10AM EST - Audi is a repeat partner of NVIDIA. Have been at previous NVIDIA events

12:10AM EST - Now on stage Ricky Hudi of Audi. Exec VP of Electronics Development

12:07AM EST - Tegra X1 neural net classification performance is more than doubled over TK1

12:07AM EST - Closing the circle: send classification results back to the supercomputer to correct improperly identified objects

12:06AM EST - Drive PX receives the finished neural net and uses it for classification

12:05AM EST - Training is GPU-time intensive, so it occurs on Tesla supercoputers

12:03AM EST - (Outside NV HQ, so it was staged)

12:02AM EST - Cameras at least properly identified the police car behind them

12:02AM EST - NVIDIA car got pulled over by the police

12:01AM EST - How to Train Your Computer

11:59PM EST - Identifying cars, trucks, vans, etc

11:58PM EST - Still on Drive PX computer vision demo. New scene: Vegas

11:56PM EST - Drive PX can also identify speed cameras

11:55PM EST - Processing is in monochrome, though the video is color for human benefit

11:54PM EST - Drive PX is IDing signs, pedestrians, traffic lights. Can even pick out partially occluded pedestrians

11:53PM EST - Clarification: video is recorded, Drive PX processing is being done live

11:51PM EST - Neural networks in a nutshell: throw a ton of data at a network and let it figure out how to organize it to recognize it in the future

11:51PM EST - Now showing a demo of how a recently trained Drive PX sees the world

11:50PM EST - Neural networks to power car image recognition

11:48PM EST - Neural networks, continued

11:45PM EST - Neural network tech is still fairly new, but its getting better

11:42PM EST - Now a brief overview of how neural networks work and how they can be trained on GPUs and then executed on GPUs

11:41PM EST - Neural networks and computer vision tend to be good fits for GPUs, so for NVIDIA this is a logical use for their GPU technology

11:40PM EST - Analysis taps all the major Tegra X1 components: CPUs, GPUs, and ISPs

11:40PM EST - Use camera data + Drive PX plus software based on deep neural nets to begin understanding the world and build an internal model of it

11:37PM EST - Cameras: 1080p60, x12

11:37PM EST - Based on 2 Tegra X1s, 12 camera inputs, process 1.3GPix/sec

11:37PM EST - "Auto-pilot car computer"

11:37PM EST - Second new car platform: Drive PX

11:36PM EST - Self piloting cars? NVIDIA wants to build the in-car computer to enable that

11:34PM EST - Now how to replace radar and ultrasound with vision cameras (in some circumstances)

11:33PM EST - Quck description of how ADAS works: radar, ultrasound, and vision

11:32PM EST - Parking assist, lane change assist, adaptive cruise control, etc

11:31PM EST - More cars, now discussing ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

11:30PM EST - Wrapping up Drive CX. NVIDIA sells the whole platform

11:28PM EST - Change the simulated material used for you gauges on the fly

11:28PM EST - More on physically based rendering and how important NVIDIA feels it is

11:24PM EST - Running physically based rendering on the cockpit, just to show that they can

11:23PM EST - Android-powered, so it can be used with Google Maps and other Android apps

11:22PM EST - Now showcasing navigation mode

11:21PM EST - The 3D cockpit looks more flashy than functional, but the concept seems sound

11:19PM EST - Drive Studio is meant to be a complete off-the-shelf digital cockpit solution. NVIDIA is including almost everything one would need

11:18PM EST - Live demo of Drive CX running a virtual cockpit and infotainment center

11:17PM EST - Drive CX uses: navigration, cockpit displays, etc

11:17PM EST - There are issues with connection on site, images are slow to upload.

11:16PM EST - Also comes with an NVIDIA software suit called DRIVE Studio

11:16PM EST - Powered by Tegra X1, is a complete digital cockpit computing kit

11:15PM EST - New NVIDIA platform: Drive CX

11:14PM EST - Talking about how "rich displays" in cars mean more displays at a higher resolution; need more powerful GPUs to run it

11:13PM EST - NVIDIA's Tegra automotice business has been a small success amid the greater challenges that hvae faced Tegra

11:13PM EST - Now for a subject that's a favorite of Jen-Hsun: cars

11:12PM EST - Paper napkin math says that the GPU clockspeed needs to be 1GHz for NVIDIA's GPU performance numbers

11:12PM EST - Confirmed that it's Erista

11:12PM EST - NVIDIA is proclaiming it a 1 TFLOPS GPU, though this is at FP16 as opposed to the more normal FP32 metric for TFLOPS

11:11PM EST - TX1 adds native-ish FP16 support

11:10PM EST - Clearly not as high quality as the desktop GPU demos, but it still looks impressive

11:09PM EST - This of course already ran on Maxwell desktop GPUs, so it looks like NVIDIA has ported the necessary bits to ARM

11:08PM EST - Yep. Eleental

11:07PM EST - Sounds like we're going to be seeing Unreal Engine Elemental running on TX1

11:07PM EST - Tegra X1 demo, running at roughly 10W

11:07PM EST - Maxwell's energy efficiency means that NVIDIA can alleviate some of that unavoidable TDP throttling

11:05PM EST - Promising much better GPU performance than Tegra K1 at the same power

11:05PM EST - GPU-heavy introduction. The focus is all on the GPU

11:05PM EST - This should be Erista, first added to the NV roadmap at GTC 2014: http://www.anandtech.com/show/7905/nvidia-announces-jetson-tk1-dev-board-adds-erista-to-tegra-roadmap

11:04PM EST - 8 core CPU

11:04PM EST - 256 core Maxwell GPU

11:03PM EST - Announcing Tegra X1

11:03PM EST - Starting things off with Maxwell

11:02PM EST - Starting with a recap of past achievements; Tegra K1, Maxwell, etc

11:02PM EST - Jen-Hsun is now on stage

11:01PM EST - NVIDIA has started promptly at 8pm

11:01PM EST - Ryan is on the keys, Josh is on the photos

11:01PM EST - Okay, we're seated and connected



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  • kron123456789 - Monday, January 5, 2015 - link

    CES ain't over yet)) Reply
  • vred - Monday, January 5, 2015 - link

    but... but... I wanted everything now... :D Reply
  • boe - Monday, January 5, 2015 - link

    Yeah - All I really ever care about from NVidia is what they have for a new flagship video card. Reply
  • jwcalla - Monday, January 5, 2015 - link

    meh Reply
  • at80eighty - Monday, January 5, 2015 - link

    the deep learning is super-exciting

    but a blow-by-blow tracking of where you are and what's around - sent to a cloud; privacy is my immediate concern here

    Ryan has anyone fielded a similar question to Nvidia?
  • Ryan Smith - Monday, January 5, 2015 - link

    The talk so far about sending data back has been about neural net identification failures. Position data has not been discussed (and should not be necessary to train the neural nets). However this is still all very high concept; vehicles with this technology are years off, which leaves a lot of time for change. Reply
  • at80eighty - Monday, January 5, 2015 - link

    Ah, thanks Ryan. Given all they were analysing, I figured it was a data subset being covered. Reply
  • FullHiSpeed - Monday, January 5, 2015 - link

    "11:45PM EST - Neural network tech is still fairly new, but its getting better"
    I got a job at JPL in 1986 to work on Neural-Network-specific massively parallel hardware.
    Is 29 year old technology "new" ?

    "Neural networks in a nutshell: throw a ton of data at a network and let it figure out how to organize it to recognize it in the future"
    Same nutshell as in 1986. Not new.

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