Continuing our Hot Chips 2016 coverage for the evening, along with the requisite presentations on processors, several of the major players in the memory industry are also at the event making their own presentations. A fast chip is only as swift as the memory that is responsible for feeding it, so the development of faster processors is inexorably tied to the development of faster memory technologies and the introduction of additional layers to the computer memory hierarchy. Like the chip presentations themselves, I should be clear that these aren’t product announcements. But they’re a short, useful look into the challenges the memory manufacturers face and what ideas they’re floating for future generations of memory technology. Micron The first memory manufacturer to present was Micron. The firm has...

GDDR5X Standard Finalized by JEDEC: New Graphics Memory up to 14 Gbps

In Q4 2015, JEDEC (a major semiconductor engineering trade organization that sets standards for dynamic random access memory, or DRAM) finalized the GDDR5X specification, with accompianing white papers. This...

70 by Anton Shilov on 1/22/2016

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