Intel 9560

The new ThinkPad P52, according to Lenovo, 'sets the standard for mobile workstations by combining ThinkPad build-quality along with cutting-edge technology'. All the horsepower is designed to handle modern workloads like VR and AR content, 3D rendering, and video editing, all in a mobile solution. Lenovo adds an NVIDIA Quadro P3200 GPU along with Intel Hexa-core CPUs (even a Xeon option) delivering their first 15-inch VR-Ready Certified mobile workstation to market. The chassis doesn’t look much different at all from previous ThinkPad,s with its black chassis and ‘for business’ styling. About the only changes are a marginally revised keyboard which still keeps the dedicated number pad along with a Wi-Fi status LED and the "ThinkShutter" (webcam cover), for an optional IR Camera that supporting Windows...

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