Most of the time when we speak about semiconductor processes, we are focused on the leading edge of what is possible. Almost exclusively that leading edge is designed for logic circuitry where performance and power efficiency are key drivers of pushing the boundaries, but also there’s a strong market in it. Other markets use semiconductor technology where there are other factors to consider: power, analog capabilities, voltage, and memory, all use semiconductor fabs but they are rarely at the leading edge. Nonetheless, the pureplay foundry businesses aims to offer enough technologies and features to cater as needed, along with driving which markets can use which technologies. At TSMC’s Technology Symposium this week, the company gave is a holistic view of its offerings.

xMEMS Announces World's First Monolithic MEMS Speaker

Speakers aren’t traditionally part of our coverage, but today’s announcement of xMEMS’ new speaker technology is something that everybody should take note of. Voice coil speakers as we know...

58 by Andrei Frumusanu on 7/7/2020

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