There's been a lot of focus on how both Intel and AMD are planning for the future in packaging their dies to increase overall performance and mitigate higher manufacturing costs. For AMD, that next step has been V-cache, an additional L3 cache (SRAM) chiplet that's designed to be 3D die stacked on top of an existing Zen 3 chiplet, tripling the total about of L3 cache available. Now AMD's V-cache technology is finally becoming available to the mass market, as AMD's EPYC 7003X "Milan-X" server CPUs have now reached general availability. As first announced late last year, AMD is bringing its 3D V-Cache technology to the enterprise market through Milan-X, an advanced variant of its current-generation 3rd Gen Milan-based EPYC 7003 processors. AMD is launching...

AMD Confirms Milan-X with 768 MB L3 Cache: Coming in Q1 2022

As an industry, we are slowly moving into an era where how we package the small pieces of silicon together is just as important as the silicon itself. New...

24 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 11/8/2021

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