Surface Laptop Studio, Surface 8 Pro Lead Microsoft's New Surface 2021 Lineup

In anticipation of the upcoming Windows 11 launch, Microsoft is introducing an almost complete top to bottom refresh of their Surface device lineup. Ranging from the brand-new Surface Laptop...

110 by Brett Howse 6 days ago

Akasa M.2 SSD Enclosures Reviewed: Giving Spare Drives a New Lease of Life

The internal storage device market segment has seen rapid evolution over the last decade after the introduction of flash-based disk drives. Beginning with 2.5-inch SSDs in early 2010s, the...

16 by Ganesh T S 6 days ago

The OnLogic Helix HX500 Review: A Rugged Fanless 35W mini-PC

The emergence of edge computing as a paradigm has expanded the market for industrial PCs over the last few years. Traditionally an 'industrial PC' was built with a focus...

28 by Ganesh T S on 9/17/2021

USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Portable SSDs Go Native: The Silicon Motion SM2320 UFD Controller Preview

The external storage market has experienced rapid growth over the last few years, particularly in the retail consumer segment. It has been fueled in part by advancements in bus-powered...

14 by Ganesh T S on 9/16/2021

The Xiaomi 11T & 11T Pro Review: Two Chips, With a Battery Focus

Today Xiaomi is announcing three new devices – the 11T, the 11T Pro and the 11 Lite 5G NE. We’ve had the first two in for review for a...

40 by Andrei Frumusanu on 9/15/2021

Apple Announces iPhone 13 Series: A15, New Cameras, New Screens

Today Apple held its fall 2021 iPhone launch event, and we’ve gotten 4 new iPhones from the new iPhone 13 series: the iPhone 13 mini, the iPhone 13, iPhone...

141 by Andrei Frumusanu on 9/14/2021

The Apple 2021 Fall iPhone Event Live Blog 10am PT (17:00 UTC)

It's that time of the year again - Apple's fall iPhone event, where we expect the Cupertino company to unveil its newest generation family of iPhones - likely the...

41 by Andrei Frumusanu on 9/14/2021

The ASRock Z590 OC Formula Review: An Iconic Brand Revival

Whether overclocking the CPU is your cup of morning tea/coffee/something stronger or not, there are specific motherboards built by professional overclockers and engineers designed to squeeze out as much...

22 by Gavin Bonshor on 9/10/2021

Next Gen NVMe SD Card Review: The SM2708 Controller Serves it Hot and Fast

Flash-based removable media has a host of use cases in products ranging from content capture devices to portable game consoles. Behind the standards of these is the SD Association...

39 by Ganesh T S on 9/9/2021

The MSI GE76 Raider Review: Tiger Lake Plus Ampere Equals Framerate

Let us pretend we are desktop people, thinking about building a new system. What would we look for? If we are after a gaming system, clearly we need a...

34 by Brett Howse on 9/8/2021

Does an AMD Chiplet Have a Core Count Limit?

When it was announced that AMD was set to give a presentation at Hot Chips on its newest Zen 3 microarchitecture, I was expecting the usual fare when a...

113 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 9/7/2021

The Axon 30 with Under Display Camera: Hands-on Mini-Review

The Axon 30 uses a new second-generation under-display camera with an OLED from Visionox, and features the Snapdragon 870- does it convince enough for the $499 price tag?

25 by Andrei Frumusanu on 9/3/2021

Did IBM Just Preview The Future of Caches?

At Hot Chips last week, IBM announced its new mainframe Z processor. It’s a big interesting piece of kit that I want to do a wider piece on at...

149 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 9/2/2021

Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids: How To Go Monolithic with Tiles

One of the critical deficits Intel has to its competition in its server platform is core count – other companies are enabling more cores by one of two routes...

94 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 8/31/2021

Multi-chip Intel Core i9-11900K Overclocking Review: Four Boards, Cryo Cooling

Back in March, Intel unveiled its 11th generation of desktop processors codenamed Rocket Lake. In its lineup, the flagship desktop chip is the Core i9-11900K, with eight cores, sixteen...

54 by Gavin Bonshor on 8/30/2021

ASRock Industrial NUC BOX-1165G7 Mini-PC Review: An Ultra-Compact Tiger Lake Desktop

Intel introduced the Willow Cove micro-architecture with their Tiger Lake processors in the latter part of 2020. These were designed to span a wide range of performance levels and...

32 by Ganesh T S on 8/26/2021

The Noctua NH-U12S Redux Cooler Review: Bringing Noctua's Best To a Lower Price

In today's review, we are taking a look at Noctua's NH-U12S Redux, a price-optimized version of their highly popular NH-U12S tower CPU cooler. The NH-U12S Redux has been redesigned...

38 by E. Fylladitakis on 8/25/2021

Hot Chips 2021 Live Blog: Graphics (Intel, AMD, Google, Xilinx)

Welcome to Hot Chips! This is the annual conference all about the latest, greatest, and upcoming big silicon that gets us all excited. Stay tuned during Monday and Tuesday...

13 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 8/24/2021

Hot Chips 2021 Live Blog: Machine Learning (Graphcore, Cerebras, SambaNova, Anton)

Welcome to Hot Chips! This is the annual conference all about the latest, greatest, and upcoming big silicon that gets us all excited. Stay tuned during Monday and Tuesday...

6 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 8/24/2021
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