All measurements are done using CalMAN 5.3 from SpectraCal and a custom workflow. An i1Pro and C6 meters are used to measure accurate colors and low light levels. For all test patterns I use APL 50% when possible to prevent backlight tricks and other things from skewing the results. Full field test patterns are used with the display uniformity testing.

With the backlight set to minimum the LG 34UM95 puts out 55 cd/m2 of light. That is a good number that is low enough to work for any dark environment, but not so low that you can’t use it. The brightness control operates in 1% steps giving you lots of room for adjustment. The maximum light level is 270 cd/m2. This is a bit lower than I would like to see, as direct sunlight will still wash things out, but it is decent. Most people likely will pick a setting in the middle of these and the brightness adjustment makes it easy to get the level you want.

White Level -  i1Pro and C6

Black levels are also very good. The minimum black level achieved is 0.0586 cd/m2 and the maximum level is 0.2724 cd/m2. The 21:9 monitors have been very good so far at getting low black levels and the 34UM95 is no exception.

Black Level - 1iPro and C6

These combine to give us a contrast ratio very close to 1,000:1. As this is now what I consider to be acceptable in a good IPS display, the LG 34UM95 does not disappoint.

Contrast Ratio -  i1Pro and C6

So far, so good for the 34UM95. Let's move on to the color accuracy.

Additional Features and Usability sRGB Test Bench
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  • bigboxes - Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - link

    Why doesn't this have any of the input ports on the side? Whenever I want to slip in a flash drive I want an easily accessible port.
  • ggathagan - Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - link

    Given the width of this monitor, I suspect most users would actually find it easier to reach the ports in back.
    The ports aren't too densely packed, so once you acclimated yourself to the location, the back ports are probably pretty easy to access by feel.
  • twistedgamez - Thursday, June 19, 2014 - link

    5120x2160 would be amazing - once you get that you'd probably wont need to buy another display again
  • sseemaku - Thursday, June 19, 2014 - link

    Everything is fine except the price. When will the price of monitors greater than 24'' come down!
  • MrSpadge - Thursday, June 19, 2014 - link

    Based on this model I would like to:
    Remove Thunderbolt, USB und audio to make it cheaper.
    Make it a bit smaller (27 - 29") but keep the resolution.
    Add variable refresh rate for stutter-free movies and games.

    At this point I'd be willing to spend 500€ on it even though I'm pretty pleased with my current model.
  • Conficio - Thursday, June 19, 2014 - link

    Wow those pictures are grainy.
  • Footman36 - Thursday, June 19, 2014 - link

    I really like this monitor. I currently have a Dell U2711 at 1440 x 2560 and would love a little more horizontal real estate to play with. 4K is just too much screen and does not scale well currently.
    It is a niche product but IMO way overpriced at the moment. I would consider an upgrade to this monitor if it was priced at a more reasonable $800 or less... Part of the cost is most likely due to the non standard IPS panel size. Still having an IPS panel with these dimensions is a great idea, certainly for the way I use my PC...
  • Larzy - Thursday, June 19, 2014 - link

    Some really misinformed replies in the comments section..

    "It's niche but it's not for enthusiasts" ?
    - Enthusiasts are a niche market as they are a minority.

    "The Human eye is actually 4:3"
    - lol

    "4K is the future but 21:9 is not" ?
    - Err so what about a 21:9 4k display ? Not so much ? Fine I'll take one.

    "more people want 4:3 than widescreen"
    - WTF ?

    Ever since the 21:9 ratio was released in displays people whom have gone out of thier way to find ways of shunning it. Perhaps because they are trying to justify everything where they have spent thier moneies and is the only way the can react to not being able to buy the latest and greatest??

    21:9 is finally here,thankgod, and its here to stay, so get used to it.

    My thoughts on the physical aspects of the display...
    It seems like they have got a lot right here, but I cant stand plastic silver finish. I really don't like materials that are cheaper knock offs made to look like something they're not.

    Also these un even sized bezels, they should be equally thin on all four sides. NEC was the only company to do this right imo.


    Make it black or make it with high quality materials like Apple do, or even better do both.

    Bet the panel itself is very impressive though.
  • Footman36 - Thursday, June 19, 2014 - link

    I like 21:9 but not the initial panels that had a horizontal resolution of 1080. This panel has a more usable 1440.....
  • TegiriNenashi - Thursday, June 19, 2014 - link

    "21:9 is finally here,thankgod, and its here to stay, so get used to it."

    Fine. Turn this monitor to portrait mode and be happy. Excuse me if some of us wan't IMAX experience, not embrasure world view.

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