Matrox Marvel G200

by Anand Lal Shimpi on September 27, 1998 6:25 PM EST
MGA-G200 128 Bit DualBus graphics chip Provides superior performance for 2D, 3d, and video
Full AGP 2X or PCI support Symmetrical Rendering Architecture for optimized AGP read and write support and texturing from system memory (PDF file: The importance of AGP texturing)
8 MB SDRAM memory, upgradeable to 16 MB Provides true color displays at higher resolutions and increased performance
230 MHz RAMDAC Delivers fast screen refresh for flicker-free displays
Vibrant Color Quality (VCQ) 32-bit rendering Delivers sharp contract images and crisp, clear colors for maximum photo-realism
Hardware accelerated 3D features Supports advanced 3D features such as alpha-blending, bi-linear filtering, tri-linear MIP-mapping, fogging, anti-aliasing, and specular highlighting to deliver realistic 3D images
Hardware MJPEG video capture/compression Captures full resolution video for increased image detail.
Video capture rate Up to 30 frames per second; 60 fields per second for NTSC
Video tape formats supported S-VHS, Hi8, VHS, Video8
Playback from Cut-List Reduces video editing time and saves hard disk space
MGA-TVO video encoder Provides PC to TV display output up to 1024 x 768 resolution with advanced flicker reduction and text enhancement
Programmable TV tuner Support for NTSC M, N broadcast frequencies
Maximum 2D resolutions & colors 1920 x 1200 in 16-bit color
1920 x 1200 in 24-bit color
Maximum 3D resolutions & colors 1600 x 1200 in 16-bit color
1152 x 864 in 32-bit color
Video cables 2 x triple audio/video RCA cables, 1 x 5ft A/V connector cable
Video input and output connection 1 x Composite Video (FBAS), RCA jack;
1x S-Video (Y/C), Mini-DIN
Documentation Easy-to-follow illustrated installation poster and manual

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