One of the key elements to how processor portfolios will evolve moving forward involves mixing and matching current generation and previous generation parts using the benefits of (supposedly) cheaper older processors taking advantage of economies of scale. It’s been no secret, for example, that below $300, AMD recommends its previous generation hardware on the desktop. On the Notebook however, along with the launch this week of next-generation hardware, AMD also launched updates to the previous generation under the heading of ‘Barcelo’. These new 2022 Barcelo APUs are minor updates to the 2021 Cezanne APUs. They use the same Zen 3 cores, are built on the same TSMC 7nm process, have the same PCIe 3 and DDR4/LP4X support, and use the same socket. These are just...

CES 2022: ASUS Zenbook 14 OLED With Latest AMD Barcelo APU

With a wide variety of laptops, notebooks, and gaming-focused solutions expected to be announced during CES 2022, ASUS has unveiled that it has updated its Zenbook 14 OLED series...

4 by Gavin Bonshor on 1/5/2022

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