Many computing use-cases require out-of-band management. For example, rack-mounted servers have dedicated LAN ports that connect to a baseboard management controller (BMC) chip for this purpose. PCs used in SMBs / SMEs and business applications do not accommodate a dedicated LAN port for this functionality. Instead, one of the in-band NICs (i.e, one used to provide the primary networking functionality of the system) helps in this aspect. The DMTF (formerly, Distributed Management Task Force) is a standards organization that focuses, among other things, on a standards-based approach to out-of-band management of computing systems. The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) is used in servers based on both Intel and AMD processors, though the focus has shifted to DMTF Redfish for this functionality now. On the PC side...

AMD Launches Ryzen Pro with Vega: Mobile APUs and Desktop APUs

Both AMD and Intel have product lines catered to the commercial market: large scale business deployments that require stability and administration-at-a-distance across tens of thousands of units. Imagine a...

20 by Ian Cutress on 5/15/2018

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