Kindle Touch

Earlier today Amazon revealed four new Kindle devices: a new Touch e-reader called the Kindle Paperwhite; the latest update to the Fire (not the Fire 2, just Kindle Fire); the Kindle Fire HD 7", and Kindle Fire HD 8.9". You can read the "liveblog" covering the event here. Amazon's full-on assault against tablets and e-readers doesn't come as much of a surprise, but their announcements regarding actual hardware are interesting. Sure, everything's thinner, lighter, with a better battery and plenty of new software features. But all of the tablet devices are also running on TI's OMAP chips. In order, the Fire (2012) uses the 4430, Fire HD 7" has the 4460, and the 8.9" has the 4470. Benchmarking was wholly restricted, so I was really...

Live from Amazon's Press Conference

In about an hour and a half minutes I'll be updating live from Amazon's press event here in Santa Monica, CA, where it's expected the company will show off...

32 by James Pikover on 9/6/2012

Amazon Kindle Touch 3G Review

Amazon announced three new Kindles back in September: the fourth generation Kindle, the Kindle Touch (and Kindle Touch 3G, both of which are identical aside from the 3G antenna)...

31 by Andrew Cunningham on 11/28/2011

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