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Picking the right motherboard when building a PC is essential. While the CPU may be the brains of the build, and a hefty GPU will provide the graphical brawn, it’s the motherboard that ties it all together - and the chipset that the mobo uses determines what processor you can use. If you’re looking to harness the power of Intel’s latest 13th generation Core processors for your next build, then MSI’s range of B760 motherboards should be your first port of call. From there, you can build out the rest of your PC to make the perfect desktop for your needs. Each of MSI’s B760 motherboards support both 12th generation and 13th generation Intel Core CPUs, and offer exclusive features, extensive thermal solutions and rock-solid build...

Sponsored Post: Give Your Shoppers the Smooth Experience They Want with Aruba Instant On Networking

Aruba Instant On hardware provides an easy way to build and maintain a network to keep your retail business running smoothly.

0 by Sponsored Post on 3/20/2023

Sponsored Post: Trying to Pick Out Your New RTX 40 Series GPU? ASUS Has Two Mighty Options For You

ASUS is introducing two versions of the GeForce RTX 4090 and 4080 in its Republic of Gamers and TUF Gaming lines, giving gamers stylish and robust options for the...

0 by Sponsored Post on 11/21/2022

Sponsored Post: Comino Grando RM Multi-GPU Workstations Offer Unmatched Performance and Quality

Comino Grando RM workstations are a new breed of Hyper Performance workstation (HYPE WS) that can transform the workflows of creatives, scientists and medical researchers who rely on artificial...

1 by Sponsored Post on 5/25/2022

Sponsored Post: OPPO's MariSilicon X Imaging NPU Amps Up Night Video for New Find X5 Smartphones

To bring digital-camera imaging quality to its new smartphones even in challenging captures like high-contrast, low-light, and motion, rather than look for or develop an alternative to established mobile-device...

4 by Sponsored Post on 3/22/2022

Sponsored Post: From RAW in Real-time: The Photographic Power of OPPO's New MariSilicon X

By stacking innovations and wielding a newly designed NPU, OPPO is about to push smartphone imaging performance to a whole new level.

17 by Sponsored Post on 12/15/2021

Sponsored Post: ASUS Z690 Motherboard Buying Guide

ASUS has introduced a broad range of Z690 motherboards for gaming enthusiasts, creators, and more.

14 by Sponsored Post on 11/22/2021

Sponsored Post: Supermicro Discussed the Future of HPC at Supercomputing ‘21 with IDC as a Guest Host

Supermicro took an in-depth look at everything from modular GPUs, to liquid cooling. Check out what you missed.

0 by Sponsored Post on 11/18/2021

Sponsored Post: How COVID-19 Has Created a Hyper-Visual Future

Thanks to the coronavirus, visual media is more important than ever. Here's what that means.

6 by Sponsored Post on 6/16/2021

Sponsored Post: Keep Your App’s Memory Safe with Arm Memory Tagging Extension (MTE)

Subtle memory bugs, including buffer overruns and pointer errors, create ticking time bombs inside your applications. Malicious actors can exploit these bugs to execute unauthorized code, take over systems...

0 by Sponsored Post on 6/14/2021

Sponsored Post: Now On Sale - MPG CORELIQUID K360 & MSI Z590 Gaming Force

Intel's 11th generation of Core processors have finally hit the market. If you're looking to upgrade your gaming rig, now is the perfect time to do so. And MSI...

2 by Sponsored Post on 5/28/2021

Sponsored Post: ASUS’s Z590 Buying Guide

ASUS’ Z590 motherboards are among the best that you can buy for 11th Gen & 10th Gen Intel CPUs. Here’s an overview of what makes them special, as well...

6 by Sponsored Post on 4/12/2021

Sponsored Post: StarWind Harness the Power of SSD for its All-Flash Hyperconverged Appliance (HCA)

StarWind has developed a 2-node hyperconverged infrastructure perfectly designed to fit the needs and budgets of ROBO, SMB, and Edge IT environments.

0 by Sponsored Post on 4/12/2021

Sponsored Post: What COVID-19 Means for the Future of Retail

The coronavirus pandemic left no industry unscathed. But retail in particular bears many scars, and many permanent changes. But are things really as bad as we think?

2 by Sponsored Post on 3/15/2021

Sponsored Post: 5 Reasons PDFelement 8 is Perfect for Small Businesses

Wondershare's PDFelement 8 is here, and brings with it a wealth of improvements over the previous version. Improvements which, as a small business owner, you should find very, very exciting.

9 by Sponsored Post on 2/3/2021

Sponsored Post: HP OMEN Desktops with AMD Hardware Hit the Sweet Spot for Gamers

1080p and 1440p gaming will be the sweet spot for most gamers moving forward, and HP OMEN desktops outfitted with AMD’s hardware deliver excellent performance in that context for...

10 by Sponsored Post on 11/24/2020

Sponsored Post: Tyan Debuts Its 2nd Generation AMD EPYC 7002 Series Server Platform

Whether your business relies on cloud applications, big data, artificial intelligence, or something in-between, you need powerful, reliable hardware to act as a foundation. That's exactly what Tyan's new...

13 by Sponsored Post on 9/14/2020

Sponsored Post: Check Out all of the ASUS B550 Motherboards Available Now

The arrival of the AMD B550 chipset is an exciting prospect for PC builders, as it’s the first to bring the potential of PCIe 4.0 to the forefront for...

32 by Sponsored Post on 6/26/2020

Sponsored Post: MSI’s Z490 Motherboard Guide

Alongside the arrival of Intel's 10th Generation processors, motherboard developers like MSI have launched more than 40 new Z490 motherboards to accompany the new CPUs. Among these, there are...

27 by Sponsored Post on 5/18/2020

Sponsored Post: Here Are All of the Z490 Motherboards Announced During Gigabyte’s AORUS Direct

During its AORUS Direct event on April 30, Gigabyte announced a brand new line of motherboards: the Z490 series. These boards have been designed with Intel’s new elite 10th...

32 by Sponsored Post on 4/30/2020

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