11:59AM EDT - Ian on text, Ryan on images

11:59AM EDT - We're just about to start, but Intel is doing something akin to a pre-roll ad

12:00PM EDT - Demonstrations around Intel NUC on DJ equipment and Real Sense on an imaginary keyboard

12:00PM EDT - The keynote is set to be hosted by Diane Bryant, VP

12:01PM EDT - the demonstrator is playing coldplay on stage

12:02PM EDT - Ian: 'don't get me started on coldplay'

12:03PM EDT - All the demonstrators are wearing Curie bracelets

12:03PM EDT - Not Basis Peak watches

12:04PM EDT - Now time for a combo DJ set

12:04PM EDT - Not my sort of music, I'll be honest

12:04PM EDT - But the visuals are good

12:07PM EDT - Time to start

12:08PM EDT - Looks like my 2GB data cap for 4G for the week just finished...

12:10PM EDT - Intro video is starting with a VR headset

12:11PM EDT - 'What if VR felt less virtual?'

12:11PM EDT - 'What if VR felt less virtual?'

12:12PM EDT - 'What if VR felt less virtual?'

12:13PM EDT - It sounds like they're talking about controlled robots

12:13PM EDT - 'Merged Reality'

12:14PM EDT - Brian Krzanich on stage

12:14PM EDT - 'In the virtual world, you can experience new things'

12:14PM EDT - The virtual world needs to interact with the real world - merged reality

12:15PM EDT - 'Interacting in a more natural way'

12:15PM EDT - Over 6000 people at IDF, a record

12:15PM EDT - Over 6000 people at IDF, a record

12:16PM EDT - 20% increase in developers over 3 years

12:16PM EDT - 'Powering the cloud and billions of smart and connected devices'

12:17PM EDT - Four topics being talked about today

12:18PM EDT - 'What does redefining the experiece of computing mean?'

12:18PM EDT - 'VR is now mainstream'

12:18PM EDT - Holding up parts of the vive

12:20PM EDT - Introducing... Project Alloy

12:20PM EDT - The SOC goes in the VR headset

12:20PM EDT - dual real sense cameras

12:20PM EDT - self-contained VR world

12:20PM EDT - I wonder what the TDP is

12:20PM EDT - can't be more than what, 10W

12:20PM EDT - can't be more than what, 10W?

12:21PM EDT - Atom based I'd imagine

12:21PM EDT - 'Providing the untethered experience'

12:21PM EDT - There's a chunk on the back

12:22PM EDT - We can see dropped frames, but it is being projected onto a screen which might add issues

12:22PM EDT - The real sense cameras enable seeing your hands inside the VR

12:22PM EDT - Full depth sensing and 5-finger tracking

12:23PM EDT - The cameras enable AR inside VR

12:23PM EDT - A hand becomes a skeleton when in front of an X-Ray console

12:23PM EDT - Some teething issues, but allows you to interact with the VR environment without controllers

12:24PM EDT - You can see people and objects in the real world in the headset

12:24PM EDT - 'Untethered needs to be able to avoid objects'

12:25PM EDT - Using hands to interact with a virtual lathe

12:25PM EDT - Using a physical object in the VR world

12:25PM EDT - Project Alloy is this 'merged reality'

12:26PM EDT - AR inside VR has issues of both though, it increases the degrees of freedom

12:27PM EDT - The VR headset has a rear module - could be battery?

12:27PM EDT - Talking about Holo-lens as a starting and positive point

12:28PM EDT - Holo-lens was based on Cherry Trail

12:28PM EDT - At June, Windows talking about sharing AR platforms with partners

12:28PM EDT - 'Intel can optimise hardware and software together'

12:29PM EDT - Windows Holographic Platform available for mainstream Win10 PCs next year

12:29PM EDT - Windows Holographic enables 3D and 2D holographic mixed reality apps

12:30PM EDT - One platform for VR, AR and MR

12:30PM EDT - So the usual demo now on stage of the office environment with 2D (OS) and 3D (tables)

12:30PM EDT - THere's a virtual dog too

12:30PM EDT - Using a remote control for some of the features

12:31PM EDT - All this talk about experience

12:31PM EDT - Nothing about hardware or battery life

12:32PM EDT - Using Skull Canyon for VR streaming

12:32PM EDT - So Project Alloy uses projected video...? What's the latency on that? What protocol?

12:32PM EDT - Release v1 in Dec 2016

12:33PM EDT - Alloy will be Open Source the hardware in 2H17

12:33PM EDT - Real Sense APIs will be opened up as well

12:33PM EDT - Available to partners 2H17, so we'll see updates this time next year with partner demos

12:35PM EDT - Now for VR Content Creation discussions

12:35PM EDT - UE4 with VR environment development support

12:35PM EDT - Talking about Broadwell-E 10-core

12:35PM EDT - Only $1700 or so

12:36PM EDT - UE4 game engine editor in VR

12:36PM EDT - Using Oculus to add assets

12:36PM EDT - Changing colors and textures

12:36PM EDT - I had a very bad demo along similar lines at Computex

12:37PM EDT - Complete light render on the CPU to help time to market

12:37PM EDT - Rebaking the lighting with the CPU

12:38PM EDT - More and more cores helps with this sort of thing

12:38PM EDT - so why not use dual 10-core E5s for the same price as the i7 10-core?

12:39PM EDT - Depends on NUMA support in software I guess...?

12:39PM EDT - Now time for 'making VR more real'

12:40PM EDT - Talking about 360 replay technology now - stitching videos together

12:40PM EDT - Sports replays are the big draw here

12:41PM EDT - In the process of installing the 360 camera systems in basketball stadiums across the country

12:41PM EDT - Digital representation of the volume of the arena

12:41PM EDT - Rather than from fixed camera positions

12:41PM EDT - I suspect there's a big deal with the NBA league at the minute

12:42PM EDT - Though I can imagine if you want to sit under the basket, it'll be PayPerView for VR experiences

12:42PM EDT - 'The whole industry of filming could change as a result of this technology'

12:42PM EDT - 'It's a game changer for VR'

12:43PM EDT - 'We're in the process of putting together a production studio in LA' - 'TXL Labs'

12:43PM EDT - 'Dedicated to pushing the limits of the technology for production'

12:43PM EDT - 'The virtual world can be real'

12:43PM EDT - Ed: It's a faaake!

12:43PM EDT - Now talking about 7th Gen Core

12:44PM EDT - Demo of highest perf CPU

12:44PM EDT - Kaby Lake

12:44PM EDT - Now a guy on stage bragging about his 90-inch 4K TV

12:45PM EDT - Kaby Lake is hardware accelerated for 10-bit HEVC

12:45PM EDT - 7th gen HP 2-in-1 on the stage

12:45PM EDT - He's showing decode

12:45PM EDT - i.e. HEVC Main10 Profile

12:46PM EDT - Go Pro handling 4K video in its UI on a 2-in-1

12:46PM EDT - Quick-Sync mentioned

12:47PM EDT - 7th Gen Dell XPS on stage playing overwatch

12:47PM EDT - V-Sync isn't on, that much is clear...!

12:47PM EDT - didn't mention resolution, quality...

12:48PM EDT - 7th Gen is shipping to partners today

12:48PM EDT - Consumers this fall

12:48PM EDT - Didn't mention desktop

12:49PM EDT - Probably 4.5W and 15W first

12:49PM EDT - Probably 4.5W and 15W first

12:50PM EDT - Now Real Sense

12:50PM EDT - 'Pushing the limits as we continue to advance'

12:50PM EDT - Use case examples on screen, including ASUS Zenbo

12:51PM EDT - Now talking about UAVs/drones

12:51PM EDT - Real Sense front and center on smart drones

12:52PM EDT - Combining the compute in the drone with the real sense camera and depth data

12:52PM EDT - AVailable for purchase for $1899

12:53PM EDT - 'It's an amazing experience'

12:53PM EDT - For $1899, it would have to be

12:53PM EDT - or did he mean $18.99? :D

12:53PM EDT - Now project Intel Aero for UAVs

12:53PM EDT - we saw this at Computex iirc ?

12:53PM EDT - Supports Real Sense, LTE, SSDs and mapping SDKs

12:54PM EDT - Complete drone system in one board

12:54PM EDT - Available for preorder today

12:54PM EDT - $399 for the kit

12:54PM EDT - Complete Drone Platform with Aero and Realsense available in Q1

12:55PM EDT - Intel Euclid using Realsense

12:55PM EDT - 'Truly a developers dream'

12:56PM EDT - Integrates compute, comms and realsense in one form factor

12:56PM EDT - A complete system

12:56PM EDT - Robots using Euclid

12:56PM EDT - CR300 real sense camera, an Atom SoC

12:56PM EDT - Running Ubuntu

12:57PM EDT - Person tracking on Euclid

12:57PM EDT - on the module, not on a notebook

12:58PM EDT - Robot in follow mode is following the human

12:58PM EDT - Real Sense Camera 400

12:59PM EDT - the next-gen RS

12:59PM EDT - smallest RS camera yet

12:59PM EDT - A few inches long, very thin

12:59PM EDT - Doubles the number of 3D points and operating range

01:00PM EDT - 'Real Sense is a family of products that keeps getting better and better'

01:00PM EDT - Now on to automotive

01:00PM EDT - 'Intel intends right in the middle of the ecosystem'

01:00PM EDT - 'The need for integrated visual intelligence'

01:01PM EDT - 'We believe we're the only company to bring compute and machine learning and cloud expertise all in one for automotive'

01:01PM EDT - SVP BMW Automotive on stage, with flashy intro

01:01PM EDT - He's coming on stage in an electric car

01:01PM EDT - BK said it would be a flashy entrance

01:02PM EDT - I was half expecting the John Cena intro

01:02PM EDT - Elmar Frickenstein is the BMW VP

01:02PM EDT - The car is now driving itself to find a driving space

01:03PM EDT - 'Our new BMW 7-series with driver assistance and remote control parking'

01:04PM EDT - I just heard the word homologation on stage

01:04PM EDT - Now a graph of the transition of responsibility

01:05PM EDT - Level 4 is a full autonomous vehicle - hands off, mind off

01:05PM EDT - Level 5 is robocar without driver

01:05PM EDT - 'end-to-end architecture' for auto driving

01:06PM EDT - the theory behind auto driving has been done to death for a couple of years now, it's more about implementation, power and compute

01:06PM EDT - big data, analytics and learning are key barriers, but implementation is key

01:07PM EDT - 'A holistic sensor-fusion mix to understand the scene better than a human'

01:07PM EDT - I'm expecting to talk about machine learning later in the week, which would be relevant here

01:08PM EDT - Mobileye is involved as well

01:08PM EDT - Announced collab with BWM, Intel and Mobileye on July 1st

01:09PM EDT - 'THe door is open to the next century'

01:10PM EDT - Now they're bringing smart city like stuff on stage

01:10PM EDT - 'The barrier between digital and physical is disappearing when everything is smart and connected'

01:11PM EDT - 'The cloud today is made up with people - 1.5GB/day in 2020; but the average autonomous vehicle in 2020 will be 4TB/day'

01:12PM EDT - A smart factory could generate 1000TB per day in 2020

01:12PM EDT - 'Intel can fuel the cloud with this in mind'

01:13PM EDT - Curie being shown off again with a Core CPU, sensors and a BT module

01:14PM EDT - 'Building the ecosystem around Curie'

01:14PM EDT - Announcing Curie Knowledge Builder

01:14PM EDT - Pattern Matching can now occur on Curie

01:14PM EDT - The Knowledge Builder toolkit will enable pattern matching on Curie

01:15PM EDT - Uses example data to train algorithms

01:16PM EDT - 'We believe Knowledge Builder can cut dev time from weeks to minutes'

01:17PM EDT - Now available for select customers

01:17PM EDT - Broadly available in Q1

01:17PM EDT - Now 'The Future of Cities' with IoT

01:17PM EDT - City management is a key area

01:18PM EDT - Chaiman and CEO of GE, Jeff Immelt, on stage

01:18PM EDT - GE is a big smart city player

01:18PM EDT - 'Industrial is the next step'

01:20PM EDT - 'Every asset we have needs a digital model to be tuned'

01:20PM EDT - 'You either embrace the future or find yourself unable to satisfy your customers'

01:23PM EDT - Nothing much is happening, the GE CEO is discussing what we've just seen from the industrial perspective

01:24PM EDT - 'Joint commercial relationships, and collaborative device development'

01:25PM EDT - 'Leveraging the cloud for edge devices'

01:26PM EDT - 'Smart street light LEDs with an integrated network'

01:27PM EDT - Chief Digital Officer of GE on stage, John Gordon

01:28PM EDT - 'Speed and security is vital'

01:28PM EDT - An intelligent light post, with Intel CPUs we can do analytics

01:29PM EDT - Detecting people walking by on the street and collect meta data such as amount, speed, direction

01:29PM EDT - 'No personal data being taken'

01:29PM EDT - Using analytics to find parking spaces

01:30PM EDT - So you just build an app with the data and a monthly fee that tells you where the empty parking spaces are

01:30PM EDT - Air quality measurements with street lights

01:31PM EDT - 'metadata to be available for developers'

01:32PM EDT - I'm sure we're getting to the end here, sounds like a wrap up is starting

01:33PM EDT - 'The next generation of developers'

01:34PM EDT - Announcing - Intel Joule

01:34PM EDT - The newest maker platform and most powerful

01:34PM EDT - Joule will transition from prototype to scale

01:35PM EDT - Joule-added smart glasses on display

01:35PM EDT - Computation on Joule

01:35PM EDT - I wonder if Intel is saturating the maker/IoT space with all these parts

01:36PM EDT - Joule, Curie, Edison, Atom

01:37PM EDT - Using the glasses, can easily identify missing bolts on a factory line for example

01:37PM EDT - VoIP with expert for the worker to direct with live video

01:38PM EDT - Joule is available online and at IDF

01:38PM EDT - no mention of price

01:38PM EDT - Now time for America's Greatest Makers Season 2 announcement]

01:38PM EDT - Now time for America's Greatest Makers Season 2 announcement

01:39PM EDT - Team Grush, winners of Season 1 on stage

01:39PM EDT - The Gaming Toothbrush = Grush

01:39PM EDT - Interactive gaming brushing for kids

01:40PM EDT - 'Tooth to tooth' monitoring

01:40PM EDT - Now showing the GRUSH app and game

01:41PM EDT - You can track how a user is brushing and adapt the game to ensure better brushing

01:41PM EDT - So if a child neglects a certain tooth, on the rear, the game will adapt to encourage the user

01:42PM EDT - The GRUSH available by the holidays

01:42PM EDT - not price, no exact date, no mention of volume or which retailers

01:43PM EDT - Final video now, they've overrun. There's a talk on Optane next...

01:46PM EDT - That's a wrap!

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  • osxandwindows - Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - link

  • ddriver - Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - link

    Well, intel seems to be going the "right way" - trademarking the surname "Curie". Wonder if it is because of Maria or Pierre Curie, or maybe it is just radioactive, which would explain why nobody cares about it unless being paid to.
  • Cygni - Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - link

    So edgy and witty.
  • nandnandnand - Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - link

    "12:38PM EDT - so why not use dual 10-core E5s for the same price as the i7 10-core?"

  • IanCutress - Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - link

    To be fair, 'NUMA programming models' and 'power consumption' are valid retorts to that comparison. 2P programming with memory management is tough when threads have large memory requirements.
  • HollyDOL - Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - link

    It's not such a major pain with .NET these days, when enabled it handles NUMA nodes and memory alignment better than expected. But ofc you have to think and design, if you blindly waste all the resources... like when you run out of memory on one NUMA node, performance takes a hit where it hurts.
    For those interested: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh925566%...
    IIS supports that for app pool as well.
  • nandnandnand - Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - link

    "12:45PM EDT - Kaby Lake is hardware accelerated for 10-bit HEVC"

    And what, Skylake isn't?


    "Hybrid/Partial HEVC Main10/10bit decoding acceleration." Well, I guess not. Quick, everyone chuck your Skylake CPUs in the trash!
  • nandnandnand - Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - link

    "01:02PM EDT - I was half expecting the John Cena intro"

    Memes XDDDD
  • JoeyJoJo123 - Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - link

    Yeah, getting real tired of them shoving their elite Reddit meme knowledge into the articles where it's not really warranted. Yeah, dawg, I see memes everywhere else on the internet, wanted to read the article for the info, not the memes. If I wanted bad memes I'd be on Reddit, but thing is, I don't ever want bad memes, so I'm never there.
  • nandnandnand - Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - link

    To be fair, there's not a lot interesting about this keynote. Maybe the inclusion of Intel Joule a minute ago will change that.

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