01:00PM EST - We're here at our first press event of Mobile World Congress: Alcatel!

01:01PM EST - Your editors at MWC this year are Ian, Andrei and Anton.

01:01PM EST - For a first press event two days before the show starts, this press event is certainly busy

01:02PM EST - We should be starting around about now, according to our invite

01:07PM EST - This event is being held at Poble Espanyol, near the famous Magic Fountain of Montjuic

01:09PM EST - Sometimes there are lush media presentations with each seat wired to Ethernet. Then there are others with stone floors, basic seats, but held in a historic location. This is easily the latter :)

01:10PM EST - OK lights are dimmed, looks like we are about to start?

01:10PM EST - Big countdown from 15

01:10PM EST - 'Explore New Dimensions'

01:11PM EST - Christian Gatti, Global President of Alcatel's Business Division to the stage

01:11PM EST - New lineup of Alcatel Mobility products - tablets, connected objects, and the most exciting Alcatel smartphones 'ever'

01:11PM EST - Renewed Alcatel vision with new opportunities to provide new value for customers

01:12PM EST - This year, Alcatel has built a reputation as a provider for high quality devices

01:12PM EST - One of the leading mobile handset manufacturers worldwide

01:12PM EST - Developing presence in Middle East/Africa and Asia, already everywhere else

01:12PM EST - Time to analyze objectively new products and experiences

01:13PM EST - New product portfolio direction indicates how the company is evolving

01:13PM EST - First smartphone powered by Android Oreo Go Edition

01:13PM EST - Important for emerging markets and people looking for products under 100 euroes

01:14PM EST - Developing on 5G devices as well

01:14PM EST - Using 'Open Air Interface'

01:14PM EST - New 5G devices in 2019

01:14PM EST - First talking about Tablet and Mobile Broadband

01:14PM EST - Enabling customers to stay connected and to access entertainment

01:15PM EST - Stephan Streit, GM of Global Marketing, to the stage

01:15PM EST - Bring the high-end features down to an affordable segment

01:15PM EST - Strongly committed to the tablet business

01:16PM EST - Alcatel believe that users still use tablets

01:16PM EST - 7-inch and 10-inch as part of the affordable family

01:16PM EST - Android Oreo

01:16PM EST - More affordable without compromise in performance

01:16PM EST - Alcatel's best tablets ever

01:17PM EST - 7-inch is quad-core A53, 2580 mAh battery

01:17PM EST - 10-inch HD (720p), another quad-core A53, 4000 mAh

01:17PM EST - 10-inch works with a keyboard case

01:18PM EST - Facial unlock

01:18PM EST - Kids mode with preloaded apps and games for children

01:18PM EST - Eye-care mode, to reduce blue-light and fatigue relief

01:18PM EST - Available Q2, 7-inch for 69 euro, 10-inch for 99 euro

01:19PM EST - Now for Mobile Broadband

01:19PM EST - Two new LinkZone products - Cat 7 and Cat 12

01:19PM EST - Linkzone Cat 12 is Alcatel's fastest ever, up to 600 Mbps, 4200 mAh battery (15 hours)

01:19PM EST - it also doubles as a power bank

01:20PM EST - 179 euro for Linkzone Cat 12

01:20PM EST - Linkzone Cat 7 up to 300 Mbps, 8 hours battery, available for 99 euro in the Summer

01:20PM EST - 'The most affordable Cat 7 product in the market'

01:21PM EST - Christian back to stage

01:21PM EST - 2018 Alcatel Smartphone lineup

01:21PM EST - 'flagship experiences and affordable prices'

01:21PM EST - TCL panel technology coming to smartphones

01:22PM EST - 18:9 displays across the entire portfolio

01:22PM EST - Introducing the all-new Alcatel 5, Alcatel 3 and Alcatel 1 Series devices

01:23PM EST - 5 series is the flagship line, for lifestyle customers

01:24PM EST - Chief Design Officer to the stage, Hagen Fendler

01:24PM EST - 'Translate a design philosophy'


01:24PM EST - Simplicity + Organic

01:25PM EST - >I'm sorry, that name is TERRIBAD

01:26PM EST - >But you know, I'm not in marketing

01:26PM EST - video on simganic time

01:26PM EST - Simganic is in the design, in the details, in the finishes

01:27PM EST - Evolving from previous designs that were sandwich designs

01:27PM EST - 2018 are unibody designs

01:27PM EST - Moving to 2.5D touch panel design

01:27PM EST - Standardizing the use of 18:9 on all products

01:27PM EST - Better screen ratios

01:28PM EST - Pack a larger TCL display into a smaller form factor

01:28PM EST - Alcatel 5 uses a near bezel-less design

01:28PM EST - OPVM coating on the rear

01:28PM EST - to improve the finish without increasing cost

01:28PM EST - OPVM is being used on some devices

01:29PM EST - Maintaining durability while helping the device look more premium

01:29PM EST - 1 series - Alcatel's best sub 100 Euro smartphone

01:29PM EST - custom developed suede painting finish

01:30PM EST - 3 series - OPVM coating, 2.5D display, spin texture, first Alcatel dual camera

01:30PM EST - aiming for under 200 euro

01:30PM EST - 5 series - Alcatel's most ambitious design

01:30PM EST - dual front facing camera

01:31PM EST - bezel-less designs

01:31PM EST - 'Extremely positive consumer feedback'

01:32PM EST - Virginia Strickland to the stage, Exec Director of Marketing

01:32PM EST - 'Key Smartphone Experiences'

01:32PM EST - Fullview 18:9 displays, face recognition technology

01:33PM EST - First 18:9 smartphone available globally for under 100 euros

01:33PM EST - Face Key - facial recognition unlocking technology

01:33PM EST - Quick glance to unlock

01:34PM EST - Detects 100 points in a face to generate a match

01:34PM EST - Fingerprint sensor on the back on all devices

01:34PM EST - Fingerprint shortcuts - each finger can be customized to open a different app

01:35PM EST - Fingerprint mode unlocked only by specific fingerprint

01:35PM EST - Dual rear cameras on Alcatel 3 with specific social media add-ons

01:35PM EST - Second camera is wide-angle

01:36PM EST - 'Social Mode' is an app for these phones

01:36PM EST - Social Square: see a photo while also seeing what the camera is seeing at the same time for the best photo

01:36PM EST - Photo booth - to capture a photo booth style experience

01:37PM EST - All the new smartphones will have Google Assistant

01:38PM EST - The 1 series is the entry tier

01:38PM EST - Suede finish, 18:9 display

01:38PM EST - Two variants: single SIM, dual SIM

01:38PM EST - Rear fingerprint sensor, Social Mode

01:39PM EST - Satin Gold and Satin Rose Gold, Suede Dark Grey and Suede Blue

01:39PM EST - Starting at under 100 euro

01:39PM EST - Now Charlotte Will to the stage, Global Head Product Marketing, Android

01:39PM EST - Android Oreo Go on the 1-series

01:39PM EST - 'Needs to work great all of the time'

01:40PM EST - In India - low storage on phones is a big pain point

01:40PM EST - 'Entry level devices need to be fully functioning'

01:40PM EST - Go edition is optimized for low-memory devices

01:41PM EST - Alcatel 1-X comes with Go built in

01:41PM EST - OS is optimized for performance and storage

01:41PM EST - Apps start 15% faster

01:41PM EST - Minimizing the footprint of the OS in the storage

01:41PM EST - pre-installed apps are half the size

01:42PM EST - Now download 1000 more photos than before

01:42PM EST - Google Play highlights apps best suited for Go devices

01:42PM EST - Google Play Protect built-in

01:43PM EST - Preinstalled apps are rebuilt, such as Youtube Go, Google Go, Maps Go

01:43PM EST - eg Youtube Go is optimized for limited data bandwidth

01:44PM EST - Back to the marketing exec

01:44PM EST - Talking 3 series

01:44PM EST - 3 devices: the 3, 3v and 3x

01:44PM EST - Start at under 150 euros

01:44PM EST - All the features of 1-series, plus more

01:44PM EST - 6-inch 2K display

01:45PM EST - for the 3x

01:45PM EST - the 3 is 5.5-inch FHD

01:45PM EST - curved back

01:45PM EST - dual rear cameras on 3v and 3x

01:45PM EST - 3V has secondary depth camera. 3X will have wide angle

01:46PM EST - Various colors

01:46PM EST - Now to the 5 series

01:46PM EST - Start at under 230 euro

01:46PM EST - 5.7-inch FHD+ display

01:46PM EST - Face Key

01:46PM EST - Dual front facing camera

01:46PM EST - 13MP + 5MP

01:47PM EST - 5MP is wide-angle

01:47PM EST - 120-degree wide angle

01:47PM EST - The camera automatically changes over to the wide angle

01:47PM EST - Alcatel's thinnest bezel ever

01:47PM EST - Metallic Gold and Metallic Black

01:48PM EST - Now for pricing and availability

01:49PM EST - 1X single sim for 99 euro, dual sim at 109 euro, available april

01:49PM EST - Alcatel 3 at 149 euro in March, 3x at 179 euro in April, 3V at 189 euro, available now

01:49PM EST - Alcatel 5 at 229 euro, available in specific markets today

01:50PM EST - Hands-on time

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  • phoenix_rizzen - Saturday, February 24, 2018 - link

    No mention of storage, RAM, SoC, MicroSD, WiFi, BT, etc? Seems a little odd to skip that in a big media presentation. Hopefully they'll have that info listed for the hands-on.

    Was excited about the 7 inch tablet until they mentioned the quad-core A53. :( Was hoping for something better than the Galaxy Tab A. There's just no competition in the 7-8 inch tablets these days. Unless you go above $200. :(
  • Allan_Hundeboll - Monday, March 5, 2018 - link

    In Denmark Alcatel is the loaner you get while you daily driver gets repairs. I'm guessing it's because no one wants to keep the Alcatel so the repair shop can be sure customers don't "forget" to pick up their phones after the repair.
  • Allan_Hundeboll - Monday, March 5, 2018 - link

    Why do you waste time going to marketing events like this. I'm pretty sure anandtech readers appreciate if you prioritied in-depth reviews of stuff like apple a10/a11 soc or nvidias latest GPUs...
  • quickensupportuk - Saturday, September 22, 2018 - link

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