08:21AM EDT - Following the launch of the Chinese Reno variants last week, OPPO is in Zurich today with the variants for the western markets, with a few differences specific to the European and North America markets. Follow along with our live blog, starting at 2:30pm Central European Time.

08:21AM EDT - Starting in 10 minutes.

08:25AM EDT - We're expecting about 150-200 press, and a similar number of partners

08:26AM EDT - We haven't covered OPPO as much in recent years, however the company is expanding beyond its traditional base of China/India into Europe, the Middle East, and North America

08:27AM EDT - They've also invested in regional PR, to ensure their contact with local press across those regions are being kept up to date with OPPO's product portfolio

08:27AM EDT - Ventures into 5G for example are a hot topic of late

08:28AM EDT - OPPO was part of the Swisscom event a couple of weeks ago where NSA 5G was enabled in over 30 different locations across Switzerland

08:28AM EDT - Of course, people are still waiting on devices to take advantage of the technology

08:29AM EDT - Should be almost ready to start now

08:31AM EDT - Here we go

08:31AM EDT - Intro video with lots of circles

08:32AM EDT - Vincent Huang to the stage

08:33AM EDT - European President of OPPO

08:33AM EDT - Announcing the beginning of a new chapter for OPPO and the smartphone industry

08:33AM EDT - The next 10 years of intelligence and connectivity

08:33AM EDT - Oppo launched its first phone 10 years ago

08:34AM EDT - Oppo's unit trajectory makes it different to others

08:34AM EDT - Oppo is user experience focused in a high gross market

08:34AM EDT - 'Transition from Wi-Fi to smartphone' ?

08:34AM EDT - Today, the first interaction with the internet is through the smartphone, not the PC

08:34AM EDT - Digital is now native

08:35AM EDT - Smartphones have a high quality base for launching products

08:35AM EDT - Two main targets - battery and camera

08:35AM EDT - Everyone wants the best of both

08:35AM EDT - First series of camera smartphones in Asia

08:36AM EDT - Also VOOC super charging - 5 minutes charge for 2 hours talk

08:36AM EDT - Oppo identifies and solves critical customers needs, challenging the existing smartphone standards

08:36AM EDT - Oppo is on a quest to develop high quality smartphones for consumers around the world

08:37AM EDT - It shapes the company, the DNA

08:37AM EDT - European expansion in 2018

08:37AM EDT - France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands

08:38AM EDT - Sliding camera smartphone: Find X with SuperVOOC

08:38AM EDT - 0 to 40 percent in 10 minutes

08:38AM EDT - Trajectory in Europe has been smooth and stable

08:38AM EDT - Enormous support since the european launch from partners and creators

08:38AM EDT - Swisscom, Orange, Telefonica, T-Mobile

08:39AM EDT - 2019 is a very special year for OPPO

08:39AM EDT - Expansion into Europe coincides with a new era of innovation beyond connectivity

08:39AM EDT - 2019: UK, Poland, Turkey, Switzerland

08:39AM EDT - Now in 40 markets worldwide

08:39AM EDT - 250m OPPO users globally

08:40AM EDT - Focus on the next decade is important

08:40AM EDT - 5G development

08:40AM EDT - 5G standardization team in OPPO since 2015

08:40AM EDT - 5G is the new challenge and opportunity for OPPO

08:40AM EDT - Ambition to find tangible benefits for users

08:41AM EDT - Showcased phones with 5G with Swisscom two weeks ago

08:41AM EDT - Oppo will expand into IOT devices

08:41AM EDT - (where are the audio equipment and DVD players?)

08:42AM EDT - Creating value for users

08:42AM EDT - Want to become the favorite brand in Europe

08:42AM EDT - It will determine the future technology

08:42AM EDT - New products and services

08:43AM EDT - $1.5B USD investment R&D for 2019

08:43AM EDT - covering smartphone, 5G, IoT, services

08:43AM EDT - Now for Reno series

08:43AM EDT - Marketing Manager Sanya Chen to the stage

08:43AM EDT - Phones for real life

08:44AM EDT - Product optimization has become a race for specifications

08:44AM EDT - Oppo is full of energy and creativity

08:44AM EDT - Create a product to get people excited

08:44AM EDT - Going beyond the obvious in innovation and design

08:45AM EDT - Smartphones are connected to our lives. Every one is unique, because of the owner, not the brand

08:45AM EDT - Reno is built for its unique users and self expression

08:45AM EDT - So many ways to see and experience the world

08:45AM EDT - Bring the inside of the phone to the outside

08:46AM EDT - co-creation platform with Creative Communities

08:46AM EDT - R&D center in Europe to develop expression and innovation for creation

08:46AM EDT - Reno is aligned with the interests of its users

08:46AM EDT - rooted in contemporary culture

08:46AM EDT - Reno is ready to go, and you can count on it

08:46AM EDT - Make your story unmissible

08:47AM EDT - Excited to push limits, embrace transformation

08:47AM EDT - video time

08:48AM EDT - Fuel your imagination, make your story unmissible

08:48AM EDT - Andie Cheng, PM at Oppo

08:49AM EDT - A smartphone is for work and for leisure. It should be a source of delight and inspiration

08:49AM EDT - Announcing the 'Reno 10x Zoom'

08:49AM EDT - Yes, that's its full name

08:49AM EDT - 3D glass on rear

08:50AM EDT - O-dot on rear for camera protection

08:50AM EDT - Bold use of color

08:50AM EDT - Color inspired by nature - Jet Black, Ocean Green

08:51AM EDT - Matte texture beneath the surface

08:51AM EDT - Notchless 6.6-inch OLED full screen display

08:51AM EDT - 1.66mm side bezel, 3.5mm bottom bezel

08:51AM EDT - 93.1% screen-to-body ratio

08:51AM EDT - (it's quite nice)

08:52AM EDT - AMOLED with DCI-P3 gamut

08:52AM EDT - Blue filtering enhanced by 56%

08:52AM EDT - Gorilla Glass 6 on front

08:53AM EDT - DC Dimming switch for flicker free eye care

08:53AM EDT - in-screen fingerprint display (Goodix I think)

08:53AM EDT - Custom solution for fingerprint brightness and speed

08:53AM EDT - Speed increased by 20-30%

08:53AM EDT - Front camera pops up

08:54AM EDT - 11 degree elevation, 0.8 seconds to appear

08:54AM EDT - Passed 200k times

08:54AM EDT - That's 5 years of use at 100/day

08:54AM EDT - Drop protection mechanism will retract the camera automatically

08:55AM EDT - Announced 10x zoom at MWC

08:55AM EDT - It's on the Reno 10x Zoom

08:55AM EDT - Solves all your zooming problems

08:56AM EDT - (it does 6x optical, 10x hybrid)

08:56AM EDT - 48MP main lens, 13MP telephoto, 8MP wide angle

08:57AM EDT - 13MP telephoto uses periscope technology

08:57AM EDT - allows for larger aperture

08:57AM EDT - (this is similar to the P30 Pro, but with better raw optical zoom)

08:57AM EDT - This camera has OIS

08:58AM EDT - Ultra wide angle does 120-degree

08:58AM EDT - Ultra Night Mode 2.0

08:58AM EDT - 48MP is Sony IMX586 with f/1.7 and 0.5-inch sensor

08:59AM EDT - AI processing acceleration

08:59AM EDT - In hand held, HDR enhanced mode uses 5 photos. In tripod mode, takes 17 photos

08:59AM EDT - AI algorithm achieves clearer images

09:00AM EDT - Software detects precise edge of human heads and adjusts appropriately to define the edges

09:00AM EDT - Dazzle Color Mode

09:00AM EDT - Portrait Mode

09:01AM EDT - Night HSL Restoriation Technology

09:01AM EDT - Front camera also supports Portrait Mode

09:01AM EDT - Front facing soft light can enhance light in low-light conditions

09:02AM EDT - Collaborate with Magnum Photos

09:02AM EDT - Magnum photos to the stage

09:05AM EDT - Partnership with Oppo

09:05AM EDT - Trevor Wang to the stage, talking software

09:06AM EDT - Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, LPDDR4x

09:06AM EDT - 'LPDDR4x efficiency increased by 17%' ?

09:06AM EDT - Battery charging has been a focus for OPPO

09:07AM EDT - VOOC 3.0 for Reno 10x Zoom

09:07AM EDT - 4065 mAh battery on Reno 10x Zoom

09:08AM EDT - New trickle charge algorithm, to reduce 90-100% charge time by half

09:08AM EDT - Reno is Hi-Res Audio certified

09:09AM EDT - Dolby Atmos support on the 10x Zoom

09:09AM EDT - It's your handheld dolby studio

09:09AM EDT - With headphones on (so, headphones only?)

09:09AM EDT - Stereo speakers on both ends it looks like

09:10AM EDT - ColorOS6, built on Android P/9

09:10AM EDT - Optimized for full screen

09:10AM EDT - Using grey lines so give more plesant visual experience

09:11AM EDT - More detailed animations when button presses etc

09:11AM EDT - Supports OPPO cloud services

09:11AM EDT - Can synchronize photos, contacts, audio, wifi passwords

09:11AM EDT - Can take to the next phone

09:11AM EDT - 5GB of free space per user

09:12AM EDT - HyperBoost 2.0

09:12AM EDT - A number of boost algorithms to speed up UX

09:12AM EDT - interacting with apps and games

09:13AM EDT - TouchBoost

09:13AM EDT - Improves touch priority in games

09:13AM EDT - FrameBoost

09:13AM EDT - Frame rate acceleration

09:14AM EDT - Reallocates system resources to maintain frame rate

09:14AM EDT - 'If the system knows in advance'

09:14AM EDT - Thermal performance is also important

09:15AM EDT - Tri-cooling

09:15AM EDT - A heatpipe and graphite sheets

09:15AM EDT - (they said liquid cooling. It's not liquid cooling, stop calling it that)

09:15AM EDT - TUV certification for games

09:16AM EDT - passed 55 tests in 31 categories in 4 dimensions

09:16AM EDT - All of these are part of ColorOS

09:17AM EDT - Video time

09:18AM EDT - Neil Yang, 5G engineer at Oppo

09:18AM EDT - Evolution from 2G to 3G to 4G to 5G

09:18AM EDT - Oppo has always partnered with carriers and developers for each new technology

09:19AM EDT - Defining the next ten years

09:19AM EDT - 5G will take digital transformation to a new level

09:19AM EDT - Making AI a global reality

09:19AM EDT - OPPO Reno 5G

09:19AM EDT - with 10x zoom

09:19AM EDT - working with Swisscom

09:20AM EDT - 1.5 Gbps or higher

09:20AM EDT - Immersion in AR and VR over 5G

09:20AM EDT - perfect for gamers

09:21AM EDT - Partnering with companies about 5G gaming - bandwidth, latency, lag, experience

09:21AM EDT - Oppo wants to be a co-part for online battle arena games

09:21AM EDT - 5G will connect everything around us

09:21AM EDT - Oppo will be at the center of intelligent GUIs

09:22AM EDT - Qualcomm to the stage

09:22AM EDT - Oppo is extracting all the performance and features embedded in the Snapdragon

09:23AM EDT - 5G is the step forward

09:24AM EDT - Switzerland is leading Europe in 5G, but other countries are catching up with spectrum auctions

09:25AM EDT - Achieved 1.86 Gbps in Zurich on 10th April with Oppo

09:28AM EDT - Oppo 5G Landing Project

09:28AM EDT - new partners

09:29AM EDT - Orange too

09:29AM EDT - Reno 5G will be on EE in UK

09:29AM EDT - this summer

09:30AM EDT - Photo time with partners

09:31AM EDT - Swisscom on the stage

09:32AM EDT - Looking for pioneers for 5G

09:32AM EDT - 5G for all of Switzerland by end of 2019

09:33AM EDT - First commercial 5G in Europe enabled last week

09:33AM EDT - Coping with the growth of data

09:34AM EDT - two variants: 5G fast and 5G wide

09:34AM EDT - 5G fast at 3.5 Gbps, 5G wide at 1.86 Gbps

09:34AM EDT - (that's actually smart branding for mmWave and sub-6 variants)

09:35AM EDT - Using 4G and 5G simultaneously

09:36AM EDT - Still a lot of curiousity from end users about 5G

09:36AM EDT - 5G devices coming in May, according to this guy

09:37AM EDT - Oppo, Swisscom, and Ericsson who do the infrastructure

09:37AM EDT - Early may in Swisscom shops

09:37AM EDT - No surcharge for using 5G over 4G

09:39AM EDT - Now price for Reno Series

09:39AM EDT - Standard Reno at 499 Euro (no zoom), available 10th May

09:39AM EDT - Reno 10x Zoom, early June at 799 Euro

09:40AM EDT - Reno 5G, available in May, 899 Euro / 999 CHF

09:40AM EDT - That's a wrap

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  • TerrySoria - Thursday, April 25, 2019 - link

    With Outstanding Features Oppo Reno series western has been launched and this is really smart phone. It's camera result is more sharp and HD, I am using recently oppo but after seen this mobile I am thinking to change it soon. This is my last level of cipd course and I am taking help from https://cipdassignments.com/ to complete my project on time. After exam I am surely change my cell phone because I really love this one invention which you have invent now.
  • pugster - Thursday, April 25, 2019 - link

    I am guessing no US launch...
  • abufrejoval - Saturday, May 4, 2019 - link

    Even if a pop-up camera almost seems like a no-no for someone who'd never use a phone without some nice grey-black silicon sleeve (to annihilate all that "self-expression" few need post puberty and avoid accidental self-induced "impressions" that old age seems to make more likely)...

    ...I'd like to understand the difference between the Reno and the Reno 10x Zoom better: A 10x zoom I can easly sacrifice for €300, even the 6x or 2x zoom would be ok, if I'd retain everything else...

    But I'd be keen to know if it can be rooted, if the USB is v3 and perhaps carries Display Port signals, both rather essential for the desktop mode, which is practically the only thing I am still missing from my very personal computers aka smart phones these days.

    This phone seems to have enough compute punch to push any iGPU laptop to the side, so please give me either some N-Gibit charging/connectivity/cooling "mat" or a plug, so that I can have a 4k screen, NBase-T Ethernet, keyboard and mouse everywhere I need to sit down and work, but otherwise slip my PC into my pocket: Technology is all there, so why doesn't anyone want to sell me that?

    I really don't wont a second PC any more and Android/Linux is fine with me. If I really need Windows there is always RDP and for gaming there could be Stadia or the proper rigs I have at home (RTX 2080ti :-)
  • abufrejoval - Saturday, May 4, 2019 - link

    Ok, specs are on the Opp site, completely different phone, different screen, dimensions, weight, Qualcomm 710 for the Reno (no Zoom), completely different class of device and more of a cut down 845 than an 855, different bands etc.

    Nowhere near being a bargain.
  • arubaessa - Tuesday, May 7, 2019 - link

    This phone is love and all things you need to know is its specifications and this oppo reno smartphone will be available in four different color options and there will probably multiple internal storage capacity RAM configuration. I just visit oppo official site for more information and https://www.branex.ae/abu-dhabi/ to get more creative themes for my android application.
  • oneworldrentalsg - Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - link

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  • mrhotmaster - Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - link

    Thank You For Sharing Such A Nice Information With Us...
  • PeterAlta - Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - link

    I'd be keen to know if it can be rooted, if the USB is v3 and perhaps carries Display Port signals, both rather essential for the desktop mode, which is practically the only thing I am still missing from my very personal computers aka smart phones these days. https://www.krogerfeedback.vip/
  • jennifercharles - Wednesday, February 12, 2020 - link

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