Usually, when we're bored, we find something to occupy our time.  Whether this is a method of fooling ourselves into thinking we're being productive (when all we're actually accomplishing is watching our favorite TV show or schooling a few boys in the ways of Quake), or a way to occupy our time and make sure we don't turn our attention to anything destructive (that telephone is looking mighty overclockable right about now...), it does happen.  Assuming that the latter is true, the best case in point would have to be AMD with the release of their K6-2 350, a product intended to occupy a portion of time, living off of the short attention span of all tweakers when it comes to high performing hardware.    AMD K6-2 350
AMD last left off with the disappointing introduction of the K6-2 333, running on a 95MHz FSB and only performing around 1% faster than a K6-2 300 in most applications due to the decrease in FSB (100 > 95MHz) frequency.  With both chips equally overclockable to 350MHz (for the most part), the 333 was a pure bomb among those who were a little more knowledgeable about the value of a 300MHz part.  At the same time, Intel was reaping in the benefits of a low cost, high performance processor solution for the masses, the Celeron A.  The need for a new chip from AMD was obvious, and with the release of the next generation K6-2 processors in late November, there was no time to wait around.  So in essence, to fill the gap between the yet to be released K6-2 400, and the average performing K6-2 333 which was being overshadowed by Intel;s Celeron A, AMD needed something to do to keep them occupied...their task?  Constructing a 350MHz K6-2.
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